Error Codes during Import

When the import process runs there are three columns for error codes returned by the various script steps in the import process. These are labelled in the portal as "Layout Import Serial" as per below :


These error codes are standard FileMaker errors, so the built in help in FileMaker can help determine what the issue is. However, relating that issue to what has happened in RefreshFM can require a little extra knowledge. This section helps to outline the various causes of these errors and suggest ways to resolve them.

Import Error - Code 409

Error 409 can happen during imports. The FileMaker explanation for this error is :

Import order is invalid

Most likely something in the import itself is having issues. First, if it's a standard FileMaker import ( i.e. there are fields in this table and they're not all globals ), check the import step itself. Go to the Setup tab, and click link that says Open New Control File.

Then this file opens, Open the script called "Import" and look for the import in the section for this Table name. Check that all of the details here are accurate. The following are things to check :

  • The import File Reference is "file:Control_Old".
  • The Source and Target Tables are correct and match.
  • There is a list of fields in the fields list for both tables, and they match the expected fields for this Table.
  • There is a layout for this table, as per the Review section, and that it points to the same TO as the Import step.

You can also check that the TOs point to the correct Base Tables in the Relationship Graph.

Invalid Imports

You can also get this error when importing two tables where there are no stored fields. i.e., in a table with only global fields, nothing can be imported, so this will trigger an error.

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