Cannot locate dialog error

The most common support issue with RefreshFM is that you get a dialog like the following :




And the most common cause of this is because of third party plugins that interfere with the FileMaker interface and add other controls ( like search buttons ) to the UI.

Some plugins, such as MBS and the Developer Toolkit add extra functionality to FileMaker, by adding extra buttons to windows such as the script window.  While very useful and helpful, these prevent RefreshFM from working.

When RefreshFM is trying to manipulate the UI, the buttons it's looking for are no longer in the same reference order, so the actions we perform don't occur and dialogs etc, don't close.

How to fix it.

Disable the extra functionality in the plugin, or simply disable the plugin temporarily while running the RefreshFM setup.  You may also need to restart FileMaker for it to reset it's interface control count.

Then you can restart the setup process.

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