How RefreshFM works

RefreshFM is a self contained file that builds an update process for you. When complete, it contains all of the support files, and a complete copy of the development files for your solution. That way, when it's time to run the import you simply copy this one RefreshFM file to the live server and begin the update.

How does it work?

RefreshFM uses user interface scripting to automatically modify itself, and build an import script for your solution.  It does this without any interaction from you.  You tell it which files you have in your solution, and it does all the work, manipulating FileMaker Pro directly.

What does it build?

RefreshFM builds two "Control" files that reference your actual data files.  There are two files, the Old control file that references the existing files with data in them, and the New control file that references the empty files that the data will be moved to.

These control files are created with File References to the actual files in them, and also contain all of the required Table Occurrences, Layouts and the Import script.

You don't have to create anything in these files, just select the Old and New versions of your solution, and let RefreshFM do the rest of the work.

What happens after the setup?

Once the setup is complete, all of this setup is done, and we have a fully complete import engine designed specifically for your solution.  Then you can test the import to make sure everything comes across.

The following diagram gives you an idea of what is happening once all of the setup is complete.

The import is between Table Occurrences in the two control files, referencing Tables in the main files. This way the import processes can bring data from your Old to the New files without making any changes to the files themselves.

All of the setup to get to this configuration is done within RefreshFM itself, you don't need to create folders, copy files around or setup this structure. It's done for you and can be recreated at any time. Understanding the concepts here isn't critical to using RefreshFM but it does help in the setup and configuration in terms of being able to see why you need to perform each step.

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