FileMaker Pro

RefreshFM 1.x is in fp7 format, and requires FileMaker Pro 11 to setup and run.

RefreshFM 2.x is in fmp12 format, and requires FileMaker Pro 12 or 13 to setup and run. Version 2.1.0 is required for FileMaker 13.

RefreshFM 3.x is in fmp12 format and requires FileMaker Pro 13 to run the setup, but the import can be done on FileMaker 12.

RefreshFM 14.x is in fmp12 format and requires FileMaker Pro 14 to run the setup or to import.

RefreshFM 15.x is in fmp12 format and requires FileMaker Pro 15 to run the setup but will also import in version 14.


The import process for RefreshFM works in both Mac and Windows platforms.

The setup process for RefreshFM is automated using AppleScript on the Mac and an external application process on Windows, as of RefreshFM 3 and later.


RefreshFM requires the free BaseElements plugin to be active. The plugin is included inside RefreshFM and will be installed automatically as required, but can always be downloaded separately at any time from this link :

FileMaker Server

When you're running the live import it's always best to be doing this on the same machine as the files themselves to save you moving files across the network.  So we recommend using a copy of FileMaker Pro installed on the server machine itself.  This doesn't pose an issue if you've got FMS running, but the files are closed.  Do not run FileMaker Pro while the Server is in use.

If you're running FileMaker Server, you need to manually close the files first via the Server Admin and then RefreshFM can work from the copy in the FileMaker Server Databases folder.


RefreshFM can be used in a runtime application as well. This requires binding all of the RefreshFM files, and copies of the Control files with the same bind key. Once that is done, you need to re-import the bound copied back into the main RefreshFM file. Contact us for assistance when working with a bound runtime.

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