Other Actions

After the import process is completed, you can also opt to write other files to disk or open other files. This can be used to, for example, save a Readme file to the users desktop and then open it once the import is complete.

These are the options available :

Copy - Copies the file at "Path1" field to the location at "Path2".

CreateFolder - creates the folder at the path specified in the "Path1" field.

Delete - Deletes the file specified in the "Path1" field.

Export - Exports from the "File" container field to the path specified in the "Path1" field.

Open - Opens the file path specified in the "Path1" field.

ShellScript - Runs the shell script code in the "Path1" field. The Path2 field should contain either a 1 or 0 ( for True or False respectively ) to say whether or not the command should wait for a response ( 1 / True ) or continue without a response and return no value ( 0 / False ).

Unzip - ( Added in 3.1.2 ) - Unzips the file in the "Path1" field, and puts the result in the Path2 folder. The Path2 can be left empty and the result will be the same folder as Path1.

Zip - ( Added in 3.1.2 ) - Zips the list of files ( can be one or many files, return separated ) in the "Path1" field, and stores them in a file in the Path2 field. If there is a single file, then the Path2 can be left empty and the result will be the same folder as the original, just with .zip appended to the name.

Each of these options can be specified for either Mac or Windows to allow cross platform paths. As well you can use the variables $Timestamp, $Desktop, $Temp, $Updater, $Root and $Applications inside the Path fields to locate those details. The $Timestamp just returns a value like "63450919168" which is the current timestamp converted to a number. All other variables have a full path in them, so you should only append trailing folders or filenames to these variables.

For example using "$Desktop/logfile.txt" will generate the path "filemac://Users/username/Desktop/logfile.txt" at runtime.

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