RefreshFM requires that the included plugin is installed whenever RefreshFM runs. If you're running in user mode, and the plugin is not available, we will attempt to install the plugin automatically.

The included plugin can be updated in your solutions to a newer version, but should not be replaced or reverted to an older version.

Log File

RefreshFM keeps a detailed log of what is happening at each step of the process. This allows you to check what happened when something goes wrong. The log details are stored in a Table inside the RefreshFM file. This option allows you to also write these details to disk as well as recording them in the Table. This makes follow up for support simpler as the users only need to send copies of this log file.

Launch File

This file is opened when RefreshFM is closed by the user. The "quit" button in RefreshFM will perform all it's cleanup steps and then open this file, and finally close RefreshFM. If this is a FileMaker file, your "On Open" script shouldn't perform a Halt step so that the RefreshFM file is closed properly.

Return Error Results

If you're launching the main RefreshFM file from another FileMaker file, you can capture any errors instead of presenting them to the user. Normally, with this unchecked, RefreshFM will put up a dialog and state the error details if anything occurs. If you want to manage your own errors, use another FileMaker file that runs the "Button: Begin Update" script in the main RefreshFM file, and check this box. Any errors will be returned with the Get ( ScriptResult ) function and can be managed manually.

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