Final Setup

These are the final steps to generate a "user mode" copy of the RefreshFM file. This copy can be distributed to end users and will always only open to the import layout.


All of the dialogs and text in RefreshFM can be translated and adjusted for each product and for different languages. The complete list of translated text is shown as a list of fields.

You need to copy the text out of these fields into a text editor and adjust them to suit your product. Follow the comments in the file to see what needs to be changed and where.


Once you've made changes to the translation text, you can preview the End User import layout. You can also adjust the design of this in layout mode.

Save End User Version

This process changes the default account in the RefreshFM file to be a User account, so any future operations will behave as a user. A copy of the current file is saved as "RefreshFM_Backup" so you can revert at any time.

The RefreshFM file opens by default ( using the settings in the File Options dialog ) to an account assigned to the Privilege Set "Developer". This allows you access to setup RefreshFM. This process will remove the Developer account and set the default account to be a User account. Once done, this cannot be undone. The default account has the username "RefreshFM" with no password.

You will be asked to save a copy of the RefreshFM file with the User account set. Choose a name like "MyProductUpdater" and click save.

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